If you want to learn about customer experience, ICONIC Presentations, LLC is second to none. We can help your team members learn the essentials of exceptional customer experience delivery. Your employees will learn how to apply cutting-edge practices utilized within many iconic organizations today. Let us help propel your company to iconic status by providing your team members with the tools and resources to create experiences your customers will remember, talk about and share for days to come.

ICONIC Presentations is not your typical training company. We ensure that every program is highly interactive, engaging, fun and most importantly, impactful to your organization’s bottom line and profitability. Our instructors are highly-trained experts, and incorporate authentic learning methods with practical application to engage every type of learner. Most importantly, our instructors have extensive “real-life” experience in the corporate world — not just theoretical.

We care about making a positive impact on your business. We take your investment seriously and know how important training is to the success of your organization. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter training programs. Every company and industry is unique, and we pride ourselves on delivering unique training experiences for our clients.

Training Program Audiences

ICONIC Presentations can deliver highly-customized half-day, one-day or multi-day training programs to meet the specific needs of your company. Our training programs are flexible and can speak to a variety of internal audiences.


Iconic brands understand that delivering a memorable customer experience is the pathway to increased market share, profitability and earning the loyalty of customers. Not only do companies offering memorable customer experiences have an advantage in their industries, they know putting the customer first leads to positive brand perceptions from both current and prospective customers. Delivering consistent, positive customer service is an essential component to creating a memorable customer experience.

Let ICONIC Presentations help your company uncover the customer experience advantage and create a positive impact for your business.

• Recognize their role in delivering a memorable customer experience
• Gain fundamental skills for improving customer service
• Be empowered to take ownership of challenges when they arise
• Gain confidence to make each customer interaction memorable
• Learn the importance of internal and external customer service


One of our most requested program tracks is our ICONIC Customer Journey Mapping Workshop. The customer’s experience begins before any interaction they have with your company. When a customer does business with your company, they are on a journey. The common mistake many companies make is looking at each interaction in isolation. The most effective way to improve the customer experience is to walk in their shoes and understand the entire customer journey from beginning to end.

Our hands-on and engaging customer journey mapping workshop will help companies identify the ICONIC Moments that bring the most value to customers.

Our highly-interactive, two-day customer journey mapping workshop is specifically designed to teach you cutting-edge practices for developing and using a customer journey map to improve customer experience within your company. This workshop is ideal for executives as well as customer-facing team members who are responsible for improving customer experience. It is ideal for companies looking for an easy-to-use tool to further engage team members in the customer journey and drive home the importance of customer experience across departments.

• Pin-pointing specific customer journeys to map
• Developing customer personas
• Identifying and recruiting appropriate internal teams and SMEs

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