Calvin Stovall Introduction

Meeting Planners: This page contains all the information you need including Calvin’s introduction, Keynote Tracks one-sheet, photos of Calvin Stovall in high resolution and A/V requirements for reference. Please visit the Meeting Planners page for more information.

Download Calvin Stovall’s introduction

Keynote Tracks One-Sheet

Download Calvin Stovall’s Keynote Tracks (one-sheet)

A/V Requirements

  • One Projector – HDMI or VGA connection for computer
  • 1 (or 2) Screens – preferably two screens as the presentation is highly visual which further engages the audience and enhances the learning experience
  • One wireless lavaliere microphone
  • Podium (to manage notes)
  • One CD player, or mp3 player setup with high quality speakers
  • Advance slide wireless clicker
  • Wi-Fi

Photos of Calvin Stovall

Click on any image to download high-resolution version.